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Written on Mon Oct 25 12:38:47 2010.
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Too many choices! (in open source software)

Setting up my blog got me thinking: Do we really need so many blogging systems? To be specific, I am using an open source static blog generator. There are three different programs for this kind of blog written in the ruby programming language. Of course there are several open source dynamic ruby blogging systems. Venturing out of ruby, there are many blogging systems for all the other languages being used with web programming.


An Efficient Blogging Setup

I never thought I would be a blogger. It seemed so narcissitic to me, but I have come across a lot of useful information or cool ideas on people’s blogs. With that in mind, this blog will have a technical orientation since I know that nobody cares that I took a trip to the zoo yesterday. To prove it, here is the technical setup of my blog.